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Authored by Ryan Jones.

Welcome back Constantine watchers! I hope the last week found you all well. So NBC has now released the second episode of the series Constantine and I’m guessing it left you wanting more. No, not more Constantine, but more out of that episode. Now don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the show but episode two of an already niche crowd show broadcasted on prime-time Friday night should have offered more. This episode was a decent story but would have been better later on. NBC still hasn’t given us a really good reason to watch the show yet.

While the story did offer a romp through Welsh folklore, never mind they got it wrong – Coblynau are not dark beasts or the spirits of deceased miners but more like gnomes with bad attitudes and ADHD – it was pretty stereotypical. SPOILER ALERT… If they thought having the widow come on to Constantine was enough of a hint that she was really the mastermind behind the plot, it wasn’t. And even if it was, they left 30 seconds at the end of the episode to reveal it and cut short her demise. It also followed the classic “Scooby-Doo Scenario” – where the villain is someone you’ve met already earlier in the episode. Cliche and expected but acceptable at best.


Odd little bugger.

To top things off, if you didn’t love Liv’s character from episode 1, have no fear because they already wrote her out. Need to enliven the story? Why not add a dark and mysterious woman with a Hispanic accent? Again, cliche even though Zed Martin is a Constantine character. I’m just glad, actually, that she wasn’t a tramp in her first episode. While I have no doubt that there will be more between the two of the later, thankfully the writers didn’t turn her into total eye candy in her first appearance.

Overall, the series has been given an eight episode run. I have my doubts NBC will garner the viewers they are hoping for to run it longer. Maybe I’m wrong, I hope to be. I’m also beginning to wonder if the show would play better on a cable network like SyFy and their next Dresden – which despite the popularity of Jim Butcher’s books didn’t last long either.

Next week could be very promising as it brings out a classic character – Papa Midnite. Based on the previews I’ve seen, it looks like they are staying to comic book form and not the movie and making him more a villain than a neutral player in the war between Heaven and Hell. If it catches my attention and the interest of viewers more than this last week did, that’s fine by me.