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the_walking_dead-1920x1080It has been ages since I last spoke of The Walking Dead. Of course, that does not mean I have not been a staggering fan. Nearly a year an a half has passed since I compared the comic, to the small screen adaptation, and I have not stopped watching or reading. Each medium is valuable in its own right but I honestly like the TV series more at this point. Before you loyal comic fans gather your pitchforks and torches I would like to point out that my view will likely change again. I have plans to write an episode-to-episode review this season, but as you can see, I am a little behind. This will be my kickoff to the reviews and I will cover the first three episodes so sit tight and get ready!

“No Sanctuary”

Screen-Shot-2014-10-13-at-3.49.33-PMMany people had speculated what was coming during the off-season. There was buzz about cannibals at Terminus and that sounded like a plausible idea. Well, it was all true, the residents of this false hope were definitely eating people. Before anyone tries to get in a tizzy about “How does that work?” and, “why didn’t they turn?”, I will warn you I do not care. This is all for the sake of entertainment and logic left the room when zombies were mentioned.

Before I saw this episode I was still feeling a little worn out from last season. Characters were feeling bland and the story was getting annoying. I could not stand some of the roles like Carol or that terrible little girl. If I were to give out awards for each episode I would give Carol the ‘Most Improved Character’ award, I mean it. She really made this episode happen and brought a big ol’ bag of kick ass with her.

To sum this episode up is a few words; rick and company were locked up, Carol and Tyreese were still free and had baby in tow. Carol finds Terminus and reigns hell upon them to free Rick and company.


TWD-05x02iWhat can be said about the events in “Strangers”? This was relatively tame in comparison to the preceding and proceeding episodes. That does not mean there was not anything happening. It also does not mean it was not interesting, it was just a quick cool down from explosions and burning zombies chasing the living.

The gang decided to move on from Terminus, it not long before they come across a priest surrounded by a few Walkers. After they dispose of the threat they find out that Gabriel has been alone and this was the furthest he has traveled since the world has ended. Rick, as usual, is suspicious of Gabriel and wonders how he could have lasted so long without killing Walkers or people. Eventually Gabriel shows them to his church only to find no food and a broken down bus.

All hope is not lost though, they bus appears to be fixable and Gabriel reveals a place i town that has not been raided for supplies. Rick, Michonne, Bob, Sasha and Gabriel head to the food shelter to gather what they could. After a bought with some nasty water logged Walkers and a “close” call with Bob, they return with a decent bounty. The Episode ends with Bob getting knocked out and de-legged by the survivors of Terminus, who are still under the leadership of Gareth. We also see Carol and Daryl take off after the very car that took he saw take Beth.

“Four walls and a Roof”

a56e2ab3-eb57-ae1a-83df-ce212c5e75a5_TWD_503_GP_0603_05593This episode picks up the pace and excitement a little. Over-all I think this was pretty good. Not only do we see a more interesting side of bob, all-be-it a depressing moment, but we also see a spark of life in Glenn again. At this point I feel like there is some depth coming back to the core characters of the show. The only lingering trait I hope to see fade is the blind loyalty to Rick. I know he is supposed to be a leader but there is this hint of madness returning that could mean more bad choices.

I think Bob really shines in this episode. Knowing that he was already, and that the Terminus people were terrible, he could only see humor in his situation. It must be a relief at some point to die when the world is so bleak. It is not often that the group gets to have closure of one person’s death. In Bob’s case; they got to say goodbye, gain vengeance and bury his body. it was a best case scenario, all things considered.

The episode has now left us with the usual cliff hanger. Who did Daryl come back with? We know He took off with Carol to chase down the car that took Beth. If Carol was with him why would she hide? Did they find Beth? Did Carol make it or not? There are a ton of questions at this point and that is not including what Rick’s next move will be.

Last Words

the-walking-dead-Going forward I will probably use this section to sum up my thoughts on the episode, characters and what I think is going to happen. I wrote up a summary for the last three episodes this time so I will for go the redundancy this time. I know I have lacked in posting recently but that is already changing. This week alone we will have a podcast, Flash review, Constantine review and another Walking Dead review next week.

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Tom Dorsey