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Flash TitleWhat can be said about the new CW/DC series ‘The Flash’? What can be said about any of the TV variants of DC that CW has put out? Smallville, in spite of some people who highly dislike the show, did very well. So well in fact that is spawned cameos, and eventually an entire DC universe based shows. This is no the first time that attempts have been made to bring some of these ideas to the live action small screen. So, what is the difference between now and then?

When the announcement that ‘The Flash’ was coming to CW I was somewhat skeptical. I was not as well versed in the lore that followed this character and I was not impressed with the one episode of the ‘Arrow’ I managed to watch. Since I am a huge fan of anything DC I gave it a try and watched the pilot episode. It was a BLAST people!. I do not think that I could have prepared for how much fun I had watching this show. Now, let me get one thing straight, by fun I do not necessarily mean good or well produced. I think many people will find the show predictable and characters two-dimensional. Those thoughts aside, I do not care. ‘The Flash’ is exactly what it is, fun and that seems very fitting considering the base character is just that, fun, funny and the show should reflect that light and simple entertainment.

Fastest Man Alive

As for the most recent episode this was not an exception. Basically the story continues with Barry Allen and his drive to develop his abilities in the desire to help those in need. The narrative style may bother some but it is yet another aspect that fits the comic counterpart of the Flash’s personality. The show opens with Barry Allen, the Flash, streaking through the city. He is racing to a burning building where fire fighters are still minutes away. After a minor over shoot, Barry manages to get into the building and rescue the remaining people trapped inside. After the excitement settles we witness Barry becoming tired and dizzy. He shrugs it off and returns to S.T.A.R. Labs.

I think that the villain for this episode was well placed. Multiplex is an odd one but it allowed a good story and character development to take place. Through the conflict and story it was revealed that Barry and Multiplex are experiencing side-effects of the abilities they inherited. Barry now has exceptionally high metabolism, that if not maintained causes him to pass-out from exhaustion. Multiplex seems to have a similar disposition **SPOILER**, his ability to make and control copies of himself wears on his body.

Overall ‘The Flash’ is very entertaining. CW seems to have a clear ability and formula that they can apply to these DC properties. I am now convinced by this show, and general comments, to go back and watch all episodes of the Arrow. Perhaps there will be more “cross show collaboration, that would be fun too.

After thoughts:

I had asked this question on another forum but wanted to see what others thought. If you are familiar with the Flash character and the villains, do you see interesting things to come from the alter egos of Vibe and Killer Frost?

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Tom Dorsey