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Today was Columbus Day, which of course means I could not stop thinking about the Eagles schedule. As I look for the best photo of Penelope Cruz to add to this post I realized that Victor Cruz is a football player not Penelope’s brother. This inevitably made me think about how cool it would be if Christopher Columbus was a zombie and the Walking Dead was set in his time period.

This train of thought brought me to the best idea ever, zombie football! Just think zap-brad-pitt-penelope-cruz-ozzy-osbourne-and--003about the possibilities. Sure, they may lose interest in the game and turn on the fans. Green Bay Packers would be screwed; they have fans wearing foam cheese wedges to protect those delicious brains. The Giants, now those fans will have to be cautious, avoid the first couple rows of seating, although those seats have never been cheaper.

It’s like my good friend Kevin Durant always says, “Patriots are raiders of the Chicago Marathon.” Truth be told he could not be more accurate. Unless you are John Luke Robertson at a Redskins/Bengals game, but let’s not get too carried away. Next thing you know I will be a Vikings fan!

Hello! This was a new thing I wanted to try for fun. I took the top “Googled” topics I could find and attempted to make a post out of it. I hope to rebuild my writing skills and passion but I have no idea if I will do another one of these. If you liked this post let me know!
Thanks for reading,
Tom Dorsey