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Hello Everyone!

Some of you may already know that we launched our new show last week and it is all about comic books. Not to say that we are any sort of industry experts but we are fans and we are passionate about the medium. We are so passionate about it that we felt the need to produce a show about it. If you have not listened to the first episode yet feel free to listen to it. If you want to jump right in with our TPS Coverupcoming episode tonight, then worry no,t you can do that too!

All things said, we are off to a very strong beginning. Once upon a time we started another show and for the most part, it was just us winging it. If not for the studio and audio expertise of Chuck we would have failed from day one on The Animockery Podcast. It was really his work of setting up equipment and recording, the allowed us to focus on how to produce and run a show. Now that we have gained that experience, we are able to record well produced show, all digital, and get that entertainment to you faster and more consistently than before.

We will be at it again this evening as we record episode 2 of The Three Panel Show. Tonight we will talk about Age of Ultron from book one to the last issue. There is a huge amount of books we want to get to but if you have something you are excited about or would like to write into the show you can do so by sending an email to threepanelshow@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Comic Idea’. There is no guarantee when we would get to it but I would be happy to respond back and add it to our growing list of reading material.

Thanks for reading,

Tom Dorsey