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55246332BMany of us who love Star Wars are keeping a close watch on the next installment of Star Wars. We have very little to go on at this point but it seem that the original cast has returned to some degree. We are not sure as to what impact they will have but since a great deal of time has passed it puts a massive constraint on the time period they will place the next film in.

This could be a huge mistake. There are some excellent stories that will be thrown out due to this and that is truly a shame. The current thought is to write and produce an entire trilogy. One would need to make sure there is a solid story and offer up a large scale threat that needs to be neutralized. Although all of the Trooper2_1236770715extended universe stories offer this to some degree only a few offers enough translate well to film.

To mention one story arch, Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Emperor makes for a great offering of conflict and adventure. It picks up shortly after the fall of the Empire and offers a window into the process of rebuilding the Republic. During this arch a new and powerful enemy rises to power and threatens the existence of the New Republic. This would also introduce new characters to the film universe. One character would be Mara Jade, who I think would be well played by Bonnie Wright. Mara Jade would make for an interesting addition and is already highly liked in the extended universe.

This would require some tough decisions to make this a film. One hot button topic would be new actors for the original characters. Many would think this is a bad idea. The truth is that it is probably time to move on and it is not like the actors are the characters. The one exception might be Harrison Ford as Han Solo. Besides that the rest of the cast could be replaced by younger, and in some cases more talented actors.

Yoda - 02I would like to know what the rest of you think. Am I barking mad? Or am I on to something. If anyone reads this I fully expect some potential rage but I could be wrong on all accounts. Should they keep the original characters and replace the actors? Should they move well past the characters and do the “next generation” thing? Or should they not change anything and we can all pretend that no one has aged in the last 30 years?

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Tom Dorsey