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Happy Valentines day everyone! To be perfectly honest, I have never been a fan of this day. Although I am happily married now it still holds no real appeal to me. I get the idea of it and that is great, and I love that others can enjoy it. For me, I just don’t really get into it. Just to show that I am not void of love you can see my drawing form a sketch challenge the other day that I think applies to Valentines day.

One hour Sketch Challenge "Best Friends"

One hour Sketch Challenge “Best Friends”

Enough about that holiday, I am hear for another reason! For those of you have followed this blog and our other projects like Coffee Ninja Comics andThe Animockery Podcast, you may have noticed a rather long absence. I will not lie, this was pure lack of desire to create. We took a break from our main line podcast and then things fell away. Like a bad relationship that just deteriorated rapidly because we stopped caring enough, things ended.

There is a long list of personal reasons why this happened and that is fine. My point is that creativity and entertainment, much like a relationship needs love. I do not think I could have had a better day to talk about this. The reason I wanted to share about this is that we are in the process of getting back into the game. I know that listeners may be wary as we up and left one day. I get it, we are not to be trusted. But is that not the thrill of it all?

I wanted to let you know we are launching a new show. All I can say is that it will be simple, more focused, more organized and centralized around comic books. Details will be released later. I also wanted to re-launch The Animockery Podcast. This will be a major task as I wanted to go at this alone. The focus, format and sound will be changing as I will be the primary host and I hope to make it more a creative process show. The idea is to have guests rather than a regular second host. Overall I hope to get that up and running in the next month. As for our new show that will be even sooner.

Either way Animockery Studios is coming back alive in many ways. Rather than attempting to be an “all-in-one” website we hope to shift to entertainment ranging from parody art and stories to podcasts and videos.

Thank you for reading,

Tom Dorsey