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Hey folks! We are moving along now and we hope you like what has been going on over at Coffee Ninja Comic. Soon more story related stuff will start showing up so make sure you keep coming back. We would also love to hear your input, feedback is an important part of the process in my opinion. As you will see I am tweaking my artistic style and is mostly up to me. But when it comes to delivery, consistency of new strips we would like to know what you think.

If you have not checked out the latest coloring page please do. There is still time before Thanksgiving to get your “color on”. I will be debuting a Christmas or “Winter holiday” one too. I have one idea and my son Raeden made a suggestion I 8011087-vintage-studio-microphone-with-a-pair-of-modern-headphonescould not refuse so there will be at least two for that.

Next thing to talk about is the podcasts. Worry not, we are not completely out of that. I owe you an entire Krulos interview. Next week I will post the thing in its entirety. I really am sorry about that one. Between work, family and house hunting I have had little time to record or edit. Adam and I have been in talks about what to next and we have some ideas. It may take a while but we want to come back strong so we can go the distance.

Operation Served.

Thank you for reading,

Tom Dorsey