Coffee Ninja


Today is rather gloomy where I live.  It is also Halloween which to some can be a gloomy holiday. Personally, I rarely let any of this sort of mojo get me down.  Instead, I get to thinking about amusing things and try to make others laugh.  Anything from a silly joke to some slap-stick humor.  I have a son that is exactly the same way.  Although he is only three and can sometimes throw a tantrum with the best of them, he still likes to make people laugh.

It is my belief the the world needs a lot more of this.  People of all ages just need to find reasons  to be silly and chuckle.  I know that for some this can be a real challenge.  Reasons can range from being a glum bum to just having a severely challenging life.  Regardless, it is worth while to smile and sometime…

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