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Happy week of Halloween everyone! I am so excited about too many things right now and one of them includes The Coffee Ninja Comic. This is not only the first week that begins our new schedule but we also are doing a Halloween theme too. My kids love the Halloween coloring sheet and have completed several of them since the first ones I posted on the comic’s Tumblr.

Of course I am also excited to freeze my buns off this Thursday while I send my kids to collect candy. This is our third year going since my oldest has been old enough. They have been asking about trick or treat times for a month now so i think it is safe to say they enjoy going. As a bonus, I was driving Raeden to swim lessons and he told me this;

“Daddy, I love Halloween. I think it is my favorite holiday.”

It’s enough to make a man tear with pride. At least this Halloween loving guy. Needless to say, I am super stoked about Thursday and it could not come any sooner. If your not excited yet then maybe you will be after a trip over to our comic. If that is not enough then be sure to check out the Halloween coloring page, submit it to the Coffee Ninja Tumblr and let others share in your coloring glory.

And remember, Coffee Ninja Comics are for all ages to read and enjoy.

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