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coffee-ninja-faceA sincere thanks to everybody who checked out our new web comic, The Coffee Ninja.  It’s been a really fun project we’ve been tinkering with over the last couple of months.  We’ve already accumulated a collection of strips and they’re just waiting to see the light of day.  We’ll post a new exciting adventure every Tuesday through the month of October.  And then?  We’ll be posting new comics twice a week!  If you haven’t been to the site, start by checking out the Coffee Ninja Clan’s origin story.  Head on over to our character page and get to know our cast of misfits.  We’ve also posted what we refer to as a Creative Cast on the home page.  It’s an audio clip of our brain storming sessions.  Crazy right?  We’ll be posting more Creative Casts as we unleash new Coffee Ninja comic strips.  Last but certainly not least, we’ve created a Twitter account for all of that breaking Coffee Ninja comic news you can’t live without.  Give us a follow at @TrueCoffeeNinja