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It’s time again for another Desk Jockey Adventure! Prepare to confront the mysteries of the universe…

Tom:  OK, I decided to ignore your comment about working and just to get things started right here you go…Van1Adam:  What you have here is a van with all the classic fantasy mural elements.  A wizard holding a glowing orb which obviously possesses a boat-load of magical power.  A fire-breathing dragon tourching an old viking-esque ship.  Lightning zig zagging across the sky.  Well done.

Tom:   Oh, it gets better. The other side has the rest of the mainstream components. A naked-ish lady and a loin cloth wearing barbarian.Van2Adam:   Not as impressed.  The dragon looks a little funny.  Like one of those spidery aliens on Starship Troopers

Tom:   If that does not do it for you then perhaps this will. I do believe this is a bearded gentleman with an AK-47 riding a Unicorn.Van3Adam:   Now we’re talking.  That unicorn is being propelled through space by rainbow farts.

Tom:   Last one, if you don’t like this warrior then I am at a loss.Van4Adam:   It’s the palm fronds that are throwing me off on this one.  And the Doberman Pincher.  And that looks a little bit like Castle Greyskull.  Other than that, it’s awesome.

Tom:   Well, palm fronds and Dobermans are not for everyone, but no one can think poorly of a lady wizard riding a pegasus. That’s equality amongst the sexes dude!Van5Adam:   If you take away the Pegasus, all you have is a white-haired lady in a wizard hat, twirling around on a stripper pole (I’m assuming that’s what she’s holding).  The metal grating on the windows leads me to believe this van is used for transporting bars of gold or drugs.  Probably gold bars.

Tom:   Those thoughts are oppressive to women. Let us have the judges decide how cool these vans are;

Batman? Robin? What do you think of Van murals?Batrun2Adam:   Batman would never yell “Shotgun”.  Batman always drives!  ALWAYS!

Tom:   Fine!

Batman? Robin? Which van is your favorite?To the Batmobile