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6228591575_981bcc925c_oAdam Duncan and Tom Dorsey work near a Pizza joint that is plush with classic arcade games. We will be playing those games and recording what happens.

This is the place we go: Rossi’s Pizza

[youtube http://youtu.be/jIm79exktKk]

To make things interesting, we will add the list of the games they have.  We are willing to take suggestions on what to play and who will play. I guarantee nothing as far as using the suggestions but it could make things interesting.

Here is the list of games:

Galaga 1943 Elevator Action
Donkey Kong Rastan Sea Wolf
Donkey Kong Junior Rolling Thunder Star Wars
Centipede Sea Wolf Sprint 2
Defender Space Invaders Tornado Baseball
Joust Hang On 280 Gauntlet
Robotron ZZZap Paper Boy
Sinistar Street Fighter 2 Tales From The Crypt
Missile Command Mortal Kombat 2 Pin-Bot
Dig Dug Rampage  Dr Who
Pac-Man Raiden 2 Twilight Zone
Ms  Pac-man Excite Bike Air Hockey table
Tempest Double Dragon Contra
Q*Bert Burger Time Heavy Barrel
Mario Bros Indiana & The Temple Of Doom Discs Of Tron
Punch Out Punch Out Battle Zone