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Hosted by: Tom Dorsey & Adam Duncan

Music: Rob Goebers; Music for a 1950s Video Game; Produced by Schnauzer Studios |Five Year Mission Featured songs: Insert Coin & Final Boss|Space Seed


On this Episode: You listened to us talk about going to Comic Con for months and now it will pay off! The days arrived and passed and Adam and I finally went to Chicago. In this episode we talk all about the experience, the things we saw and some of the stuff we did.

Listen as I talk Thursday, the only day I could make. Then we talk to Adam as he dishes out the details of the three days that he attended and well as two of the days his wife accompanied him.

Show Notes: 

  • This was recorded on an iPad using the OnAir app.
  • The location is in two places but each time was in Adam’s car.
  • We did this on our own time but had to fit in recording between working.
  • We celebrated a good show by playing some X-men at the arcade! [spoiler?]
  • I told you the wrong name of the song, what do you want it was 1 am by the time i got to that… What I said – the Khan song, not proud of that What it is actually called – Space Seed

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