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wizardworld_2273_1069567758I want to sum up my experience of the Thursday I got to hang out at the Chicago Comic Con. Since that will be a part of an up coming podcast episode I will not go much into the experience until later.

For now I would like to share about the panel i enjoyed the most. I know that man attendees got to hit up some of the great panels such as Stan Lee and Wil Wheaton but I missed out. That is not to say that I did not get a kick ass experience, because I did! I was able to sit in on two panels and I loved them both. But if I were asked to draw a line and pick one I would have to say the creativity panel was it.

I consider myself a creative type and others have agreed. I also consider myself an artist although I never made it past high school art classes. The creativity appealed to me because of this and because it had good speakers; David Chelsea, Trevor Mueller, Dan Parent, Rob Prior and it was all mediated by Tony Kim, who brings some amazing energy to the panel. They offered a huge insight into how to be successful in a creative field. I took away some awesome constructive self-criticism that I started using this weekend.

I found that I do two major things; I put up walls to avoid eve starting and I do not make strict deadlines. I also found that I give myself false validation by talking about my ideas rather than acting on them. All of this needs to change since I want to take my big ideas and make them happen.

I wanted to thank each of the members of the panel and I apologize it took so long but I finally inked a doodle I did during the panel. So as my token of thanks here is to the fellas that inspire. I hope this message finds you!

Creativity Panel

Thank you David, Trevor, Dan and Rob and keep creating!

Tom Dorsey