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Hosted by: Tom Dorsey & Adam Duncan

Music: Rob Goebers; Music for a 1950s Video Game; Produced by Schnauzer Studios Featured songs: Insert Coin & Final Boss|


On this Episode: Adam and I (you know, Tom) recorded some really awesome stuff this weekend. Do to some technical difficulties we thought we lost all of the audio we had. Unfortunately this sort of thing can happen and as much as it sucks we have to buck-up and move on.

We do have a new episode today and it is only by pure luck that the first episode of the night was able to be saved. I apologize for the quality, over all it is good but there are a few spots where the sound gets wonky and that proves more consistent at the end.

We will tr and avoid this stuff if we can but it happens. In the mean time enjoy this miracle episode and look for other projects later this week and next.

Show Notes: 

  • Originally recorded a pre comic con show, a show about some comics and shows we like plus a secret thing that may get attempted again.
  • We recorded for two hours and found out there was an equipment failure
  • We were drinking Lake House from Capitol Brewing Co.
  • Went back to a local bar after the show

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Thank you for reading… and listening,

Tom Dorsey