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So I had some time yesterday and wanted to make a little doodle. I looked around my cube cell and tried to find some sort of inspiration.

Begin internal dialog

Star Wars toy? No, that has been done and is not that fun.

Final Fantasy? You did that yesterday.

A Spaceship? No, wait, what? You don’t have a spaceship in you cubicle…

OK, OK how about that? What a drawing my 4 yea old did?

Yeah, dude, it’s awesome.

I give you that, it is awesome. OK let’s use that to make a new doodle.

End internal dialog

This is what I got out of all that, I like it. He reminds me of some old RPG random enemy. I shall name him Bag-O-Bones.

Bag O BonesThank you for reading,

Tom Dorsey