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Motorcycle Samurai: Issue Zero

San Diego Comic Con special release available in Digital Format only

Written and Illustrated by new-comer Chris Sheridan

Published by Top Shelf

The book’s sole purpose is to generate excitement and set the stage for the Fall release of Issue #1.  For me, it did that and then some.

– The art is very loose and incredibly appealing.  Sheridan’s color choices and backgrounds are spot on.  The illustrations definitely match the tone of the story.

– The panel transitions are some of the best I’ve experienced.

– Sheridan combines strong images in unique ways.  A Samurai warrior, a gnarly motorcycle, a barren desert setting, a ram shackled ghost town, a silent masked prisoner.  Sheridan expertly blends these images which make the artwork feel very cohesive.

– The story is wonderfully intriguing and loaded with subtle humor.  By issue’s end, the reader is left only with questions.  I’m excited to see how the rest of this story plays out.

The introduction to Motorcycle Samurai left me wanting more.  I’ve re-read issue zero several times and enjoyed the experience.  I’m excited to read the next installment to see how Chris Sheridan expands the world of Motorcycle Samurai.


Motorcycle Samurai in action. Boom!