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Final_Fantasy_logoAs of late I have been thinking a good deal about music. For the most part I consider myself to be very open-minded and diverse in my choice of music. When it boils down to it I like talent, good musicians and singers who now what they are doing. I would not consider myself an official on talent in music but I also do not think that I have poor taste in my choice of talent.

MCD-ALCA_8133This morning I was thinking about a band that I have not listened to in some time. I love video games and I have roots in rock music from the 80s. It was only natural that I fell for the band The Black Mages. I am a massive fan of Final Fantasy and awesome rock these people have it all. Super excellent skills on instruments and decent singing too. I think there could be improvement there but the music they play has minimal signing.

While waiting for my PC to re-boot I decided to take the time and doodle something and ended up with a little piece related to this topic so enjoy, let me know your thoughts as well. Are you a fan of the band? Do you have a band in the same genre? What sort of music do you like, or would like to hear on The Animockery Podcast?

A Morning Doodle

Thank you for reading,

Tom Dorsey

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