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Come be the next featured independent musician on the Animockery Podcast!  What do you need to do?  It’s simple.  Send us an MP3 of the song you want featured along with a short bio.  We’ll read your bio, play your song and plug any projects you’re working on (show dates, social media info, where people can find/buy your music).  Spread the word to all your musician friends (everybody has at least a few).  All genres of music are welcome!  We’re supporters of the independent music scene and want to promote your music anyway we can.

Not a musician?  No problem.  You can still participate in the Animockery Podcast!  How you ask? Jeez, I’m getting to it…patience friend.  Send us your comments and questions and we’ll read them on the show!  Comics, video games, movies, pop culture, music, Comic Con, Arcade Life.  We love it all!  Ask away.  Here’s some example questions to get the ball rolling:  Why do people think Aquaman is so lame?  What are your top five favorite movies starring Martin Short?  Who shot JR?  See, it’s easy!


Still not convinced? Here’s a picture of a cute, podcasting dog. Now will you participate?

Speaking of easy, you can submit your songs and questions 53 different ways.  You can post in the comment section below.  You can post on our Facebook page.  Shoot us a message on Twitter (@Animockery and/or @Adrockington).  Email us at Animockery@gmail.com.  Print your questions on a banner and tow it from an airplane.  You get it to us and we’ll incorporate you into the show!