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???????????????????????????????Adam Duncan and Tom Dorsey have a Pizza joint near that is plush with classic arcade games. We will be playing those games and recording what happens.

This is the place we go: Rossi’s Pizza

And here is our first attempt at recording it:

To make things interesting we will add the list of the games they have, including air hockey, and we are willing to take suggestions on what to play and who will play. I guarantee nothing as far as using the suggestions but it could make things interesting.

Here is the list of games:

Galaga 1943 Elevator Action
Donkey Kong Rastan Sea Wolf
Donkey Kong Junior Rolling Thunder Star Wars
Centipede Sea Wolf Sprint 2
Defender Space Invaders Tornado Baseball
Joust Hang On 280 Gauntlet
Robotron ZZZap Paper Boy
Sinistar Street Fighter 2 Tales From The Crypt
Missile Command Mortal Kombat 2 Pin-Bot
Dig Dug Rampage  Dr Who
Pac-Man Raiden 2 Twilight Zone
Ms  Pac-man Excite Bike Air Hockey table
Tempest Double Dragon Contra
Q*Bert Burger Time Heavy Barrel
Mario Bros Indiana & The Temple Of Doom Discs Of Tron
Punch Out Punch Out Battle Zone