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SM75_Vert_Preferred_Color_FINALI like to keep my habits of collecting and obsession to a somewhat minimum. For comic books that has been a recent struggle as I want to read them all. For example, I would like to read all the Superior Spider-man issues, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Batman Inc and countless others. The issue is that it costs too much even if I wait or in some cases go digital.

When it all came down to who to stick with and who not to, I had to go with my favorite hero. The only series I will be reading for now will be Superman Unchained and it is for more than the sake of Superman himself. So far this is a good book and I am only two issues in. let me break it down for you in case you are still in the dark on this one;

The Team

Written by: Scott Snyder (He will be at Chicago Comic Con and I hope to meet him)Penciled by: Jim LeeInked by: Scott WilliamsColored by: Alex SiclairLettered by: Sal Cipriano

3135551-unchainedThe Story

After some unknown actions cause several satellites to fall from the sky, Superman is perplexed as to who stopped the last one from since he was not able to. On top of that he also needs to get to the bottom of who was the cause of the chaos to begin with.

The Review

I will do my best to remain as biased as possible with this series. My first impression was that I loved the amazing and detailed artwork by Jim Lee. This first issue comes with a pull-out wall poster and the scene is beautiful. The design work was is pretty fresh as Superman got the without the underpants on the outside. As for other characters I will not go over that to avoid spoilers.

The story is intriguing so far since I have a hard time passing up a mystery and any possibility of a new villain in a cannon that i getting sort of stale in that aspect. I hate to say it but I have had less interest in Sups until recent as I got sick of him battling the same old foes. Any hint at some new dark force is exciting.

The End

Thank you for reading,

Tom Dorsey

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