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img_2097I have had to come to a truth that this site has not been as much a priority as it should be. It certainly has not received as much attention that it requires to become what I want it to be. The fact is that I want to be here to connect to others that share similar interests as I do. So far that adds up to be Adam Duncan and 276 other souls. I have tried to provide content that may or may not appeal to the masses but that just made me bitter and not want to do anything after I posted it.


A new sketch, first up in a long time. (Human legs, muscle anatomy.)

I still want to connect to as many individuals as I can who share my interests. So I will do what I do best and act like a fool, behave like a 10 year old, talk about games, old TV shows no one cares about and draw. I will also share about my wife, kids and general life stuff that I like to talk about. I plan on changing a few things back but still want to direct focus on the Podcast. It just seems that without some of the core things that define me lacking on this site, it tends to get boring. Let’s face it, I am one interesting mother effa.

I ask only one thing from you listener, reader, follower; talk to me! I want to hear from you too, I know you likely have a blog and can say, “Hey, jackass, just follow and read my blog too!”. I can’t do that for everyone, I am sorry but it is true. It is not that I do not care, I do. The thing is that I am busy and I am concentrating on creating a place for all sorts of people to communicate and share about the hobbies and topics that relate to this site. So leave a comment, tell me about you blog here or something you want to share about our posts or Podcast. Email us about a band you are in or one you like and want to tell others about. We are all friends here and I want this be a hub of nerdy relaxation and fun.

I want you to look at some of this stuff and tell me what you like, with words, not button clicks. Maybe you have a story that relates and others may want to hear. Come on people let’s do this!!!


This was my self-examination.

The Animockery Podcast

The 80s Warp Zone

IWWC (If We Were Chickens) this needs to come back

Geek Notes

Lets not forget about who we are:

Adam Duncan

     Image from the Oh Canada Show

Tom Dorsey

     Dragoon Brigade

Thank you for reading,

Thomas Dorsey