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Needless to say, marketing plays a key role when creating and selling a home gaming console. I was think about this more and more since the announcement of the XBox One. Since then there has been a good deal of posturing and deal offering from both Microsoft and Sony. Then there is Nintendo with their simple, smaller systems, they are still here, still holding their own with the younger contenders.

Granted, Nintendo has had some major flops in their day too (**cough** Virtual Boy **cough, cough**). In the end they prove to be marketing masters when it comes to home gaming systems. As many people may complain that they are just recycling old material and repackaging it over and over again we continue to eat it up with little to no hesitation. A few perfect examples would be Mario Bros, Zelda and the most recent: WiiU. Now I realize that technically the WiiU is a new “console” but lets face it, it is a portable Wii. That is fine, it has its own new features and brings something interesting to the table but it’s not really new. Yet, here they are selling it to us and we may talk about it but we still love them.

This had me thinking about the consoles that were not so lucky to have Nintendo Power marketing. What about the systems that never made it? Were they any good? Were they ahead of their time? Or, was marketing so bad they never had a chance? I did some poking around and this is my list of consoles that, if they had been put out under different circumstances may have changed things in the gaming world.

#3 – Sega Dreamcast

800px-Dreamcast-Console-SetI have to put this one here and many of you know why. Sega was having a hard time with too many competing consoles. Ultimately they attempted a large jump to wow the fans and it took a turn for the worse. Personally I love the Dream cast and Sega, but this system was ahead of its time. There were some other underlying issues as well but I think if it had been more carefully planned and ultimately successful Sega would still be in the console race.

#2 Apple Bandai Pippin

800px-Pippin-Atmark-Console-SetWhats that? not sure what this is? Well Apple tried to throw its hat in the ring and it failed. Not a major surprise to be honest but it happened non-the-less. This was an interesting idea and if it had been marketed better and priced better it may have happened. I am happy that it did not as Apple does not need to corner yet another market.

#1 Atari Jaguar

jaguarThis is a cool system to a degree. It would have been in competition with SNES and the Genesis. Taking a look at graphics and over all potential it could have been cool. If it made it through and was not the Atari console killer that it was they could still be in the game too. That would make them the old and wise rather than Nintendo, think about that for a minute.

Well that is all I have today. Thanks for reading,

Tom Dorsey