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podcast-logo-CTake Off You Hosers

Hosted by: Tom Dorsey & Adam Duncan

Music: Rob Goebers; Music for a 1950s Video Game; Produced by Schnauzer Studios Featured songs: Insert Coin & Final Boss; Special Feature – Classified; Oh, Canada | Bob $ Doug McKenzie feat Geddy Lee, The Great White North Featured Song: Take Off

On this Episode: Today, on our show is invaded by Canada with a big please and thank you along side it. We talk all things Canadian including, but not limited to; actors, comedians and music. We skip on the trivia facts but perhaps that will come with version two of the Canadian invasion.

Show Notes: 

  • We have Doughnuts and Beer (Molson)
  • I reveal that I have never been to Canada
  • Adam Share his Canada Story
  • I sound like dork trying to talk like a Canadian

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Thank you for reading… and listening,

Tom Dorsey