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the-walking-dead-comic-charactersThe time is fast approaching that we get to see new episodes of the Walking Dead! I have been in the mood to do a show about this for some time now. We decided with the upcoming premiere trailer and the fact that season 4 is a mere thee months away, that we should do this now. I am a follower of both comic and show, I am also a huge fan of zombie movies dating way back.

We want to make this a great discussion and we want you all to make it happen. This said, Animockery Studios is putting out the call for all fans of our show, or fans of the Walking Dead. Let us know if you want a seat at the round table and we will make it happen.

If your interested in getting into a conversation on our show about the Walking Dead series, the comic, the game or general zombie lore the let us know. If you are local we will make sure you get in at the studio, if your not local then we will wire you in via Skype. Email your thoughts and questions and we will select the best of show! Do not wait too long we only have two seats left.

8011087-vintage-studio-microphone-with-a-pair-of-modern-headphonesEmail Animockery@gmail.com with the subject header Zombie Round Table to get your chance to be on The Animockery Podcast.

Thank you for reading,

Thomas Dorsey