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Triple+Triad31As long as I can remember I have always had a diverse taste in music. One constant has been soundtracks and classical music. I find this genre to be entertaining and relaxing. It is only natural that I eventually found a new love of video game music. This has been a please I have enjoyed for a very long time now but it has also evolved into other related types like; Chiptune and game remix.

My most recent obsession in this category is the newly released album from Mykah of GameChops. Triple Triad basically incorporates music from three of my top five Final Fantasy games. This is done in a Chiptune/dubstep sort of style that is fun to just crank up and listen to while in the car or working out. I am not sure if I would recommend listening while doing work that requires concentration but that could just be me.

Overall the album is a ton of fun and worth every cent of the $8.00 (US) for the digital copy. To break it down a little I would say that the production quality is top notch, sounds are clear and smooth with no pops clicks or fuzz. Entertainment value is pretty strong, I can see myself needing a break from this genre every so often but it will definitely get revisited. As far as talent goes I think that Mykah is a great composer/DJ and although I am not a fan of everything that he puts out I still have mad respect for his ability.

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy and like Chiptune then this is probably an album you will enjoy. If you are just curious then I recommend that you at least give it a listen and like Mykah know what you think.

Quality – 10/10
Entertainment – 8.5/10
Cost – 9/10

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Tom Dorsey