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Batman ’66 Issue #1

– Digital debut this week (Print copies on the 17th)

– First comic to come out in the new DC(squared) format
– This is not animation. DC(squared) format enhances the reading experience.
– User dictates the pace through screen swipes.
– Morphing artwork
– Conversations that built as you read
– Sounds effects

The book:
– Written by Jeff Parker
– Drawn by Jonathan Case
– I’d describe this series as the continuing adventures of Adam West’s Batman and Burt Ward’s Robin
– First issue, the dynamic duo squares off against the Riddler

– The illustrations are fun and have a retro feel
– Colors are very bold and vibrant
– Story certainly fits in with the 60’s Batman Universe

– Issue one contains the first half of the Riddler story. Would have liked to seen the book end with Batman and Robin in a life-threatening situation. Some sort of crazy scenario, similar to the formula used in the television series.
– The book didn’t match the campiness of the television show. Not sure if that is a pro or con. For now, I’ll list it as a con and see if future issues increase the campy dialog.

– Buy the book. It’s only 99 cents on Comixology so you have very little to lose. I enjoyed the story, enjoyed the artwork and love the new DC(squared) format. Can’t wait to read more.

UPDATE:  I just read digital issue #2.  We have a winner!  The minor faults I found in the first issue have been erased.  #2 includes all of the elements that made the television show great.

– We get to see the Batcave, complete with bat-tastic equipment (labeled of course)

– Batman and Robin scaling the side of a building…surprise guest pops out of a window

– The perfect amount of campy dialog

– An appearance by Catwoman!

– The Riddler’s dastardly plan leads to the Dynamic Duos demise…or does it?

I can’t recommend this series enough.  It’s a fantastic, nostalgic, fun read!