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Hosted by: Tom Dorsey & Adam Duncan

Music: Rob Goebers; Music for a 1950s Video Game; Produced by Schnauzer Studios Featured songs: Insert Coin & Final Boss| Mykah, Triple Triad Featured Song: The Landing

On this Episode: Today, on episode, uh, screw it I am done counting. On the this new episode of the Animockery Podcast! We talk Superman and comics. I have not seen the movie but I hear things. I talk about the comic and that I want to have Scott Snyder sign it. As always we like to say special thanks to the master of sound Chuck, for listening to our nerdy asses while he records us.

Show Notes: 

  • Adam brought an album that my surprise you
  • I Still need soundboard practice
  • We were the Wisconsinite Summer Weiss from Lakefront Brewery, Inc.
  • Went back to a local bar after the show

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