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hobbyAs long as I can remember I have had some serious hobby addiction. I am not sure where I get it from, although as I get older and hear more stories I am beginning to think it is from my father. The point is that I tend to want to try new things and see if i like them. Sounds normal right? Well the thing is that i like to go a little over the top. I try obscure activities and try to mold them into hobbies. The hope is that I will love the activity that i am doing and spend years practicing it and honing my art.

In reality I find some random project that I become moderately obsessed with, spend a day to a couple weeks playing around with it, then quickly abandon it. I am not the only one in my family who does this, they read this stuff so i won’t get into specifics. Is all they and you need to know is that I love them, I am not the only one and it could be considered a pattern. To be perfectly honest I think we are lucky to have this habit. We have a high interest in trying new art forms, and we give them, at minimum, an honest try, and we gain experience.

I know that I am not a wrestler, why? I tried it, played the role, went to practice and found I would rather play with cheerleaders. I know that I will not be a master bead jewelery maker. I know this because when I tried it I found it so tedious that I wanted to punch things. Honestly the only art I continue to craft is drawing and even that is sketchy (pun fully intended).

I am finding myself gravitating to more similar arts and hobbies and my interest is lasting longer as time goes on but this behavior pattern continues for the most part. The only newer hobby I have gotten into and seem to have a huge passion for is producing and hosting podcasts. We have one solid show up and running and have three episodes out. We will have a fourth out on Monday the 10th of June. I do not care if we make it “big” (although it would be a bonus) nor do i care if I ever make money doing it (again it would be a bonus) I just really have a ton of fun doing it.

My newest addiction to occupy my time between recording podcasts is stop motion. This was something I always thought would be fun but i never took the time or ridiculous money to get equipment to try it. I got the Vine app for my Samsung Galaxy Tab and have found that I can do some cool stuff. I already found some other apps to make other videos that are longer. I doubt this hobby will last but I am sure to try a few other projects out and try to get some better quality features.

Until then enjoy my first non-Vine stop motion short.

Thank you for reading,

Tom Dorsey