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arrested-development-posterOn occasion I get excited about something that has been long-awaited. In 2003 I started watching Arrested Development and I watched every episode until it ended prematurely in 2006. I enjoyed the clever humor that could range from very clever and subtle to outrageous and borderline mental. I thought this show was funny and perhaps before its time by a couple of years. As the years went on and there were no signs of its return I continued to watch the old episodes. The more life and trials I experienced the more of the show’s humor I understood.

ArrestedDevelopmentI recently watched through the old seasons. This was in preparation in the long-awaited return of the show. I wasted little time after the confirmation that Arrested Development would return as a Netflix original series. This would be the second original programming that Netflix would have to offer and I was excited and impressed. They saw a great opportunity and decided, as they attempted to ease into this world of original streaming programming, that this may be a solid option. If you were to believe the internet buzz you would think that this is very true.

I was one of many fans that waited for the 15 new episodes that were released in May 26th. So far I am 12 episodes in and I am not sure how I feel about the show k-bigpicas a whole. I nearly gave up in frustration during the first episode since it was very strong, funny or make me feel entertained. Rather than rebooting to the show that I remembered it felt like a video adaptation of a fan fiction. About half of each episode after episode 3 is re-cap plus filling in what happened during the time gap. I found myself laughing at a few moments. Most of these funny moments were healthy reminders that the old jokes and scenarios were coming through.

arrested-development-netflix-1One trait I noticed is that like many shows that get resurrected, Arrested Development is exaggerating many character traits. I am not sure why this is happening since the characters in the show were already on the dynamic side already. Overall it is not quite the same show as before. I feel that it is getting there but I am already 12 episodes in and with only three left I do not see it getting back to the same feel it had when it got cancelled. If the show skates by enough to get a 5th season I can see it falling back into the grove that worked so well before. As it stands right now I will finish it but I am a little disappointed.

If you were to ask me how it rates I would give Arrested Development 6.5 out of ten. Do not get me worn, I still think it is funny but for all the hype I was a little let down. I hope to see a fifth season and some stronger writing with a little more focus like I have seen in the last few episodes.

Thank you for reading,

Tom Dorsey