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I have said in the past that I avoid blog type awards and writing games. In all honesty I often feel like I am right back in high school writing class and this is just another assignment to “get the creative juices flowing”. When I do respond to them, or more specifically, when I respond and follow the rules, it is because I respect the writer and I am honored to participate.

TAG!I guess I was slapped with this one as a part of a little blog tag game. I saw this starting to circulate a while back and thought it seemed fun. I loved tag as a kid and nothing brought out my competitive spirit more until I was introduced to video games. As I said, I only really respond to these items that interest me and where I respect the other writer. That second part is a loose rule since I respect most people who are brave enough to put their work where the public masses have access. This time around I was tagged by Aliceatwonderland and I certainly respect her wit and charm that is displayed in her writing. So, with no further delay here is my response plus how the game is played.

The rules

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/Twitter and let them know they’ve been tagged.

 My photo (Taken today with my tablet, low quality.)


+ 11 Facts about me

  1. I have three kids, two boys age 4 and 3 then one girl 7 months old
  2. I am afraid of spiders
  3. I am a huge war history buff but I dislike war itself
  4. I did not get my first college degree until I was 27
  5. I want to go to Japan and Ireland before I die
  6. It would be my dream to find sponsors and Podcast for a career
  7. I live in Madison Wisconsin
  8. I love storms and find even the most severe to be fascinating
  9. I like musicals
  10. I love to sing but I have no singing talent at all.
  11. I used to play bass guitar.

Answer 11 Questions

1. Why do you blog?  Why do any of us do this?  Why?
I started this blog because I felt that after I was married, had kids and working all the time that I had no more creative expression. This was killing me and it led to some depression so I did something about it. Never thought I would have even two followers none the less 200+.
2. Are you hungry?
I am always hungry; I have a little bit of a problem, mostly with chocolate.
3. Is this eleven questions yet?
This is three questions
4. Is anyone still reading?
I still do not know how to read, my responses are completely random and any accuracy to these questions is strictly coincidental.
5. Does my butt look big on this blog?
No, it looks perfect. (Come on I am a married man I know how to answer these sort of questions)
6. Just how bored are you?
I am never bored; my imagination is a little overactive.
7. How long can you hold your breath?  No reason.  Just curious, don’t look behind you.
I have a medical condition that does not allow me to hold my breath. Swimming is a bit of an issue.
8. Can you poop rainbows?  If so, we must meet.
Don’t be ridiculous, everyone knows the only living thing that can poop rainbows is a Unicorn.
9. Are you STILL reading?  You really are bored.
Now I am just answering blindly.
10. Is there a monster at the end of this post?
Of course, the only monster that deserves any respect.
11. Does anyone know what I should write about?  That would like, be actually good?  Or mildly entertaining?  Or stupid and gross but kind of funny?
You should write a novel about how we (us people) do not originate from earth but are the remains of an ancient cavitation that crash landed here. I would read that.

Ask 11 Questions

  1. If you could sum up your blog in one word what would it be?
  2. You can time travel now. What time are you going to visit?
  3. Are you a bully or are you the bullied?
  4. A blacksmith can make three sets of horseshoes every seven hours. The royal guard has 274 horses that need new shoes. The blacksmith works sixteen hours a day for three weeks. At the end of the three weeks is told that the remaining horses need shoes within two weeks. How many more horseshoes will the blacksmith need to make each day to avoid execution?
  5. Did you solve the equation yet? I am in a serious bind and I am not prepared to die.
  6. Would you like to be an investor in Animockery Studios?
  7. What was you first memory?
  8. Do you have any pets? If yes, what are they?
  9. If I got into some trouble would you be willing to bail me out of jail?
  10. What is your longest friendship?
  11. Do you like goat cheese?

The next victims

OK, I noticed there is a good number of people who keep getting thrown back into the game. If you have been tagged before ignore this, if not, no tag backs please.  This was fun but I am not interested in a perpetual game of tag.

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