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Podcast logo rThe Animockery Podcast!

Hosted by: Tom (Animockery) Dorsey & ADrockington

Music: Rob Goebers; Music for a 1950s Video Game; Produced by Schnauzer Studios Featured songs: Insert Coin & Final Boss

On this Episode: We tell you what it is we do here at Animockery Studios. Learn a little about the masterminds that make this juggernaut run and what to expect (or not to expect) for The Animockery Podcast.  We will also discuss our plans for the upcoming Chicago Comic Con and what we expect to happen as first time attendees. We do not have a script and we do not plot out our shows beyond a general theme so look forward to random hilarity and many more episodes to come.

Also featuring the music stylings of Mikal kHill – Retro City Rampage, Song: Rampage

Special thanks goes to Chuck for giving us the time and space to record this podcast!

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As mentioned in the show I promised a surprise contest. Check out the details below;

One lucky person will be able to commission one print from me free of charge. This will be a real, physical print 5×7. How do you get this prize? Simply leave a comment below to enter and a winner will be randomly selected. I will announce the winner next week. Along with this prize the winner will get the following;

  • They will get to choose what they want me to draw
  • Get mentioned on The Animockery Podcast episode 3
  • A link to their site will be posted on our main page for one week.

Thank you for reading… and listening,

Tom (Animockery) Dorsey