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As a child I have always love the robits. The automated little dudes brought me joy while I watched them and their robot antics. Like most people who grew up in the 80s and 90s I hear the word ‘robot’ and certain images come into mind. I listed a few of my favorites below;

When I decide to create a character it is different from just a drawing or a doodle. I actually put some thought into the design and think about what type of personality I want this character to have. All of this goes into how I decide they look. My most recent creation, along with the help of ADrockington, is Geoff the Robot. In the case of Geoff I thought of my childhood and wanted to pull from my memories of that time and what robots were.

Geoff AvatarOver all I am pretty happy with how Geoff turned out. He looks a little rough around the edges but he gets the job done. He is also a little bit of a snark machine. He is not the type of bot to let things slide. If you do not see his point of view he will likely let you know what he thinks of your ideas. I find this to be a flaw but alas, it is part of his programming and I am in no mood to start that from scratch. The bad part is that he can get carried away and his jokes can sometimes hurt but he is a vital part of the process here. To be honest Geoff is not all that bad, he does have a bottle opener mounted on his back. He can also process raw sound tracks and make them sound clean and crisp. In the long run he is a good addition to the crew.

If you have questions about Geoff or for Geoff feel free ta ask away. He will not have much work here at the site and he could use some help. Let us know in the comments or email us here with any questions you may have. They can range from what he is powered by to the meaning of life. He is in a bit of a mood lately so i am not sure when, or how often he will answer them. Last we spoke he made sure to pass along that he will answer the best questions sooner.

Geoff says: Asked me you question meat bags.

Geoff says: Asked me your stupid questions meat bags.

Well that is all we have for robots and Geoff related news today. I also want remind people that you can get a free custom avatar (profile pic) if you go here, and follow the simple rules. It is real easy to do and it only goes to the first three people to post.

Thank you for reading,

Tom (Animockery) Dorsey