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Podcast logo 2I wanted to take a moment to talk about the creative process and how it applies to me. Over the years of my existence I have met many a creative types. I consider these people to be highly valued and I also tend to migrate to them. You could say that creative souls are my people. For the most part I find it easy to find them; it is almost like a magnetic pull. Now, I do also have friends who are more “straight laced” realists but I do not connect with them like I do with other creatives. (I know it is not a real word but it sounds nice here so I am leaving it.

To be honest I cannot say that there is any official process that I use. My creative inspiration is completely whimsical and more often than not, it is unpredictable. If I happen to be on my game and super focused I can build and idea and translate this idea into something visual. This can be written word, a sketch or a craft type project. This path in the creative process requires a good deal of effort and concentration. It also requires a somewhat intimate relationship with the subject matter. A good example would be if I were to make a logo for a company, I would need to dig deep into what that company is and what they are about. I would also go as far as getting a clear picture of the type of people who are behind the company and the target audience.

Most of the time my creative process starts with forcing myself to walk away and focus on a medial task. Lucky for me my career is filled with opportunities to do this. This sort of “wham-bam-thank-you-mam” sort of creative inspiration can also hit me at the most random times. I can sometimes be unprepared and by the time I get to a place I can write it down or act on this idea it sometimes slips away.

I try to keep something with me to write the idea down and look at it later but this is not always something I can manage. At one time I did this consistently and found that some of my random ideas, when reviewed later, were kind of terrible. I wonder if applying this again could help improve content at Animockery Studios? Well, if I manage to try and do this we can play a little experiment. I may try to record up to five or more ideas each day and only use the best two on the site.

Thank you for reading,

Tom (Animockery) Dorsey