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In honor of ‘Free Comic Book Day‘ and ‘Star Wars Day‘ we will be recording our first episode of The Animockery Podcast! As if that is not enough I am also going to offer you a special deal, but more on that later.

I want to tell you about our podcast because we are very excited about this. It will be our first joint effort podcast from both founders of Animockery studios. We have other ideas in the works but they require more effort and resources than we can spare at the moment. For now we want to concentrate on this show and establish it as our “flagship” of broadcasting. As you can see above we also have an official podcast logo designed by yours truly.

For the most part The Animockery Podcast will be loose and easy-going. We seriously wanted to avoid scripts and plotted out episodes. This will simply be two dudes sitting in the studio talking about geek stuff. Since we will not have planned conversations anything could happen and just to be safe we will be slapping a “Parental Advisory” on this bad boy. I know I tend to keep things mostly clean here on the site but to be honest in my personal life I curse like a sailor and that goes double for my wife. That said I cannot promise that I won’t drop “the swears” in this here podcast. We will also be doing a pretty raw edit so don’t expect things to be clean and tidy, all things said will basically end up in the show. If you are worried that the sound will be poor quality do not fret, we are using professional grade equipment and I will do a quality check to make sure everything sounds clear.

I hope to hear lots of feedback on Monday so be sure to get here and listen in. The podcast will be available here to stream or download and it will also be available via iTunes shortly after.

fcbdbigNow, I said I have an interesting offer for you! In the spirit of Free Comic Book Day, I would like to give away three commissioned avatars. These avatars will be digital and sent privately to your e-mail so it will be yours to use as you please. I will give you the option of what you want and if you would also like a signed copy (also digital, of course). Since this is free I do have a few rules;

  • First three people to comment on this post will get a free commissioned avatar.
  • You may request what you want your avatar to be but please keep it simple.
  • This will be in my own style and it is up to you if you want color of not
  • The digital image is for personal use as you see fit minus the use of generating profit.

Some samples of avatar type stuff

Good luck and thank you for reading!

Tom (Animockery) Dorsey