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imagesOver the last several weeks Animockery Studios has pushed out a great deal of retro and nostalgia related items. This will likely be a semi-norm but I would like to discuss the fact that we are more than that. At the moment both founders are bound by schedules that are out of our control. We do our best to bring you entertainment daily but it is a challenge. The retro material is stuff we just know, and it is easy to reference and share. It goes without saying that this material is still very entertaining but I know there is more to give. The honest truth is that the site is here as a point of access. The end goal is to start producing video and audio entrainment; this is where content will come in more robust layers. Some of this will relate to our love of all things retro and some will relate to geek related current events.

All business aside, what is it about nostalgia that so many of us love? Why do we like to relive moments from our past years, even decades after it has passed? Furthermore, why has some of these things become so personal to us? We all have some sort of link to the past that draws our interest. At some point we just want to connect to an object, event or memory that takes us back to a different time. Is there something wrong with things today?

Completed in whole in Photoshop on a Wacom Intuos 4.

Ghost of the past!

We (my generation) are at an interesting point with video games right now since many of our favorites are getting a  reboot treatment with a modern tweak. To some of us it is upsetting since it gets so close to that special memory and then it is not the same thing we feel violated or betrayed. Here is the thing that, they are not doing this for you! They are making theses things for the next line of kid gamers. Trust me when I say that it is hard to let go, I miss those days too. If you want to re-live the glory days make a digital scrap-book, get the old systems out and play the original game, hit up YouTube for some great memory video or you know come to this site. Retro is fun, I get it, I dig this stuff daily, but rebooted cannon is not retro.

I do have to admit there is something different about the feel of today versus our kid days. This still goes back to generational differences. Comic Con is a good example, when it first started it was a totally different animal and some are upset about what it has become. If it never changed it would not be around at all. It has to evolve and meet the desires of the new younger generations who now love the comic medium. It comes to the point of “pick your poison” Do you want things to stay the same forever but then have it fade into history completely or would you like to have access to newer versions and continue to grow with the rest of the culture?


The highly sought cartridge…

I know that I will look back on things as a point of remembering the good ‘ol days and keep the reboots as something I will play but consider new. There is nothing wrong with that and it is interesting to see what these companies will do to make an old thing fresh. There is one thing I would like to see come back, or at least try a “reunion” type event. This would again be largely targeted at younger generation but that is OK I would like to see how they would do it. The event I am talking about is the Nintendo World Championship. I think we should make some noise about this and if you agree you should leave a comment and re-blog this to get some attention for starting this up again.

Thank you for reading,

Tom (Animockery) Dorsey