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Today is a very special edition of “Retro to Now”. Recently my family and I had moved into a new home. This forced me to look through all of the stuff that I have collected over the years and decide what needs to stay and what needs to go. One pile I had to sort out was DVDs, which in my house has become a bit of a thing of the past. Now days things are either streamed or stored digitally. There were a few DVDs left in my stored boxes so I decided if I was going to donate them or back them up and then get rid of them. Some may say that I should just back them up but that takes up space of a different kind. There is no point if I will not watch them again.

Getting to the point, I found a few old classics that I still love to break out every so often. Each movie fell somewhere in the “sports” movie sort of genre and I have clear memories of excitement and inspiration from watching them that still holds true today.

Each of these movies come from a different era and things were seen a little differently than. Each movie also has a few things in common, they were gritty, even Karate Kids had some grit to it. All three movies had an underdog; they all had at least one trait that made them relatable. One of my favorite pieces of this is that all of them had a standout them that could inspire; determination, strength and confidence. As a nerdy young man these were all traits I admired and it made me want to better myself in these areas.

Today I do not get the same feeling from the sports movies. I also do not feel like the definition of an underdog in that class feels the same. I am willing to bet this is the effects of age and certain elements are not as relatable to me any more. One example is that if you are “street” today is not the same as if you are “street” in the 80s. I also doubt that saying things like “I’m for the street” or “I’m street” is not a thing anymore. The interesting thing is that two of these have been re-done in a more modern setting and one I do not care for and the other was done well but it still did not feel the same.

Rocky, let’s face, has been done to death. I only really like Rocky (the original) and I can sometimes enjoy Rocky III and IV. Sylvester is just getting old and even though he has become a legend he needs to stay away from that franchise now, for good. Now Karate Kid, I liked the first one the second one was OK, but not the best around (yeah I did it so what?!) then there is the re-boot. I am not sure about the rest of you but I highly enjoyed this one. It may have not inspired me in the same way but I was watching it as a parent this time rather than a kid who wanted to learn to kick butts. Jaden Smith did a fantastic job and as far as the character goes I was able to connect in a “I care for you as a parental figure” sort of way. I know that Jackie was a great mentor role and was much more organic for his skill set and age.  I am super excited to see After Earth since I do believe he has talent.

Overall, I do not feel the same about the sports movie as I did back in the day, perhaps its me and I am getting to old to relate in the same way but maybe it is the movies. Could they be taking a different approach to accommodate modern times and that, in turn could be impacting the over all feel of the movie? I am not sure but if I see one come out that calls to me again I will be sure to watch it and report back.

Thank you for reading,

Tom (Animockery) Dorsey