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For those of you that follow this epic site, you may have noticed that I have been absent for the last several days. If I have learned anything in life it would be that change is difficult. Personally I welcome change and often embrace it. On the other hand I like routine to some degree as well. Recently my family and I moved from a small apartment to a larger house. This was a rather large step for us since we have lived in tight quarters during the entire existence of our marriage. I am rather proud of how far we have come; I started as a guy with a dead-end job that paid next to minimum wage, to having a higher paying job that was difficult and soul crushing. Then one day I had enough of depending on others and acting the fool and went back to college. Now I can support my family and provide a large and happy home. My wife Joyce can continue to stay at home with the kids and pursue her own projects, which is what she likes. All of this is good change, however it is still hard on everyone since change is not easy, even good change.

The new house, more to come later

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For the most part we have settled in and things are slowly falling into place. My oldest Raeden has done amazing with adjusting and has even helped with some “man jobs” around the house. Little baby T has done well to but she still eats off the boob, basically she is good as long as mommy is around. Joyce and I are tired but we are powering through so our lives can resume as normal. Poor Harry is having the hardest time of all. He is three and he was just old enough to establish a sense of place and was very comfortable in our last home. Since the move he has refused to sleep in his room and needs Daddy or Mommy there. Last night was mostly OK, I read to Harry and Raeden and snuggled up with them in bed. I passed out in the process only to be woken up by my wife and see two sleeping boys. After that he woke up in hysterics at two in the morning. I went back into his room and slept there with him for about an hour.

The Nerd Nook in the chaos state

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Little by little things are getting better and that is great because this new home will be good for all of us. We needed the space and we needed something more permanent for the upcoming years. The best part is we are all starting to get some of our own spaces. Mommy and Daddy still share a room with baby T but then we also have an office/craft room. My nerd den has been built (mostly) and that will help me produce more projects for Animockery Studios. Shortly life will be back to normal and I am very excited about that.

The Nerd Nook partially complete

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As for Animockery Studios I am happy to say that things will be getting back to normal. You can also expect to see the launch of The Animockery Podcast early next month as planned. I will also resume The Retro Cave: Gamer Commentary early next week. Posts on the site will likely resume as normal this week starting with this very post. Thanks for everyone who continued to check in and see what is happening. Major thanks to ADrockington for keeping the show running while I was out, his posts are always entertaining and his ability to find epic retro material seems to have no bounds. Remember to stop off and see what else he has been up to. In case the Animockery Studios site is not enough remember to follow us on Twitter by following the icons at the bottom of the site or check out the Animockery Studios Facebook page. I may not say it often, or possibly at all but you readers and listeners are the great and we love the support and feed back that you give us. As always,

Thank you for reading,

Tom (Animockery) Dorsey