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Although this is a ‘Retro That Never Was’ post I would like to take a moment to be serious. Please hold tight since this will be a brief moment where I talk about my actual opinion and outlook on life and the world around us. I am a firm Believer in Karma and all that it represents. Do not mistake this for specific religious affiliation because my thoughts on this are rather specific.

My understanding and experience shows that as you progress though life your actions have (eventual) consequences. What I mean is, if you wish for good things to happen then you need to make good things happen for others. When bad things happen focus on the positive actions that you can take. Too often we see bad events take place and start spreading rage and asking for justice. What everyone needs is unity and a helping hand for those who need it in during difficult times.

All seriousness aside, let’s have some fun with this topic. I think that video games are great. Many games can teach us and help develop basic skills depending on the chosen game. As I seem to be building a tradition here I would like to present my next idea for an NES game that should have existed;



As the hero of the game you are challenged with multiple challenges. Each time you are confronted with two choices, solve the problem the easy way which is often selfish and temporary, or put forth some effort and make things right. Each good deed awards you with a karma point and each quick fix takes one away. The more karma points you have the more powerful you become and the closer you get to victory.

Thank you for reading,

Tom (Animockery) Dorsey