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b-p19-6-2-4 copyI was watching an episode of Skeleton Warriors and I realized who the narrator was almost immediately. Mr Tony Jay has always been a  name that comes to mind when I think of great voices. Since the launch of ‘The Retro Cave: Gamer Commentary‘, and ‘The Animockery Podcast’ soon to follow, voices have been on my mind a lot lately. During this time I recall some of the best that I remember from my time and Tony falls high on the list.

MV5BOTE5MzAyMjc3Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDI2ODYyMQ@@._V1._SY314_CR5,0,214,314_Tony Jay has been a narrator for many various titles, such as Skeleton Warriors, but he has also played some epic character roles as well. Each one has left an impression on me since the voices is done so well and considering how long he was in the game and how far he dates back I am even more impressed. The reason for this is simple, voice acting has been around for a while but it has not been taken serious until more recent years. Just for a taste of his talent here are a few of my favorite roles he has voiced;

Shere Khan (Talespin)
Grim Reaper (Darkwing Duck)
Mortanius (Legacy of Kain)
Lord Dregg (TMNT)
Megabyte (Reboot)

All things said he was a talented man who injected passion into his voice roles long before the majority did. Now days we still see a great deal of talentless peoplephoto copy placing there voice into animated shows but it has gotten better. I think as time goes on this trend will grow and voice acting may become just as serious as traditional acting. Even when speaking to people who have done both, they will tell you it is more challenging using the correct emotions and vocal tones to match the situation. I realize that a podcast is not the same thing but I still have the thought of how voice will leave an impression on those who listen.

Thank you for reading,

Tom (Animockery) Dorsey