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It is time again to pit hero against hero in issue #2 of ‘Animockery Hero Breakdown’. Keeping with the new-found tradition of pairing members of the same universe and of hold some variation of balance, I think many of you will enjoy today’s match-up. I even have a sort of theme this time, agility, which should prove interesting. Prepare yourself for a fun packed Marvel hero breakdown.

nightcrawler_super copyFirst up is one of my personal favorite characters in the Marvel universe, Nightcrawler. Although his parents were alive while he was a child he grew up as an orphan in the circus. Much of his young life was happy one, but eventually he was singled out. Because he was different Nightcrawler became a member of the freak show. I think that this mixture of a happy childhood and later abuse led to his kind nature. In addition to a gentle heart, Nightcrawler has amazing powers. Like his counterpart he has the ability to cling to vertical surfaces. He can also open small portals into another dimension and use them to teleport. He does have some distance limitations but they are large enough to still impress. To help his unbelievable speed produced by teleporting Nightcrawler is also a super acrobat. With high levels of natural agility he also had extensive training in the circus makes him a worthy opponent in hand-to-hand combat.

Most of us are very familiar with Spider-Man. Orphaned and a young age he was spiderman copyraised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Luckily for him he spent most of his young life as a normal, all be it nerdy, boy. He also had family who loved him and taught him to be good and care for others. Through the bite of a mutated spider he gained incredible powers which include super speed, increased agility, the ability to cling to surfaces and a type of early warning sensory. That last ability is possibly Spider-Man’s greatest chance in winning the match against Nightcrawler. He also has his tech gear of the web shooters but considering his opponent can essential disappear this would be more of a defense to not plummet to his death. Even though both heroes are kind by nature Spider-Man has a little more of an attitude and brings some major snark, which despite its hilarity tends to get him in trouble on a regular basis.

In this match up I would say that Nightcrawler has the biggest advantage with speed and special abilities. This may only be counteracted by Spidey’s “sixth sense”, but he will have to remain alert and at the top of his game. As for the physical piece I think that these two are nearly an even match. Spidey with his spider strength and Nightcrawler with his inhuman strength plus the training in the circus should make for an interesting blow-for-blow. One trait we see often see with Spider-Man is to crack jokes and mock his foe to get them anger and lose focus. Against Nightcrawler this would likely prove useless. The man is relatively calm and controlled so such minor insults may not work. If I have to call a winner I would have to give this to my man Nightcrawler! Why? They both have an equal chance to get tired, make a physical blow and keep their cool. So why would Spidey lose? He has one failing in this match, his dependence on the web shooters. They would not bind his opponent in this case and between a few wasteful attempts to do so plus having to maneuver in the air he is likely to run out. After that Nightcrawler has a clear advantage of moving about with much more ease.

Thank you for reading

Tom Dorsey a.k.a Animockery