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Well, I went and started a mini podcast over the weekend. Actually it is more of a preview than anything. “Retro Cave Gamer Commentary” is basically me playing NES, SNES and some PSx games while I add my own colorful brand of commentary. The idea is to do this about one day a week and will be available here with show notes as well as the Animockery YouTube channel for the quick and dirty showing.

As of right now I will be launching the first full episode in about two weeks. Right now my wife Joyce and I are working hard to get ready to move into our new house. Until that is done I will be a little distracted. You may also see this impact my overall presence on the website. Do not fear dear readers for I will return in much fuller form soon.

In addition to “Retro Cave Gamer Commentary” ADrockington and I will begin recording “The Animockery Podcast” in a couple weeks. We will have more details about that soon. I am also working out potential details to be at the Chicago Comic Con to the majority of the time rather than one day. ADrockington and I plan to bust out some custom Animockery tees while we are there. Unfortunately we are not quite epic enough to have a booth but we will be there and it will be awesome.

With no further delay enjoy the “Retro Cave Gamer Commentary”, uh, I guess it would be pilot episode. This is likely the first time many of you will hear the sweet tones of my voice so try not get overwhelmed.

Some minor notes;

** Post edit ** The album was not listed in the credits (sorry) “Music for a 1950s Video Game”. Permission for use was to us by the good people as Schnauzer Radio Orchestra.

The show is just getting the kinks worked out. I have not practiced using Premier in ages and I also have workout some video quality issues but so far it is not bad. I also apologize if I missed any typos.

Want it on the go? Download it here.

Thank you for listening,

Tom Dorsey a.k.a Animockery