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Blog o week banner v1Animockery Studios is slowly becoming the thing that I have envisioned for so many years. Until recently it had been a struggle, but then I met ADrockington and realized what the problem was. Bringing a dream into reality can often take more than one person. With this thought clear in mind, we have decided to start a new weekly feature. Blogger of the week will allow one person each week to write something to be placed on our site. The post will also grant them a featured link as seen on the right hand side.

The idea is that a blogger will be able to use us to let their “geek flag fly” while getting additional exposure. Allowing one guest blogger each week will be a healthy change of pace and will allow us a little more time to focus on the podcast upstart. Of course as a guest, there will only be a few rules. One is to keep it mostly clean. If an occasional swear comes into play I would not be offended.  I tend to use them often while “off-duty” but I don’t want them all over the place and certainly try to avoid the big “F-bomb”. We also like to keep the theme here. It can run pretty loose since I hate to tie the idea of being a geek to limited topics. The important thing is that you write about something you are passionate about and may not share as often on your own site. If you do not have a site or blog then you are just as welcome. After all, everyone has a story or interesting topic to share and now would be your opportunity.

To be a guest on Animockery Studios send an email to us here or click on the image above.  Tell us a little about who you are, the topic you would like to discuss and how we can reach you (email please, phone numbers are unnecessary and too personal). If you are chosen, you will get a chance to post something on the next Monday. I recommend that you submit it about a day in advance so we can review it and schedule a posting time. On that same Monday you will also see you blog featured on our “Blogger of the Week” link on the right hand side of the website. The link will remain there until the Following Sunday night.

We look forward to seeing what you have to say!

As always;

Thank you for reading,

Tom Dorsey a.k.a. Animockery

p.s. I hope you like the custom SNES start screen style banner.