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Whats that? No, we are not leaving. You may have noticed we are no longer just some “WordPress” blog any more. The biggest change is that ‘Animockery.WordPress.com’ is in the past! Animockery Studios is our future and it looks brighter than the gleaming city of Gondor. This has been a change that was in the making for some time now.To answer the main possible question, why? Well, we have a ton of fun projects planned and Animockery Blog just did not feel like the right direction. Please be sure that item gets full respect but it needed something more. Animockery Studios will basically produce the content and entertainment her at the blog as well as our future pod cast, plus any future endeavors that may or may not be branded under the same name.

For now not much has changed and not much will change other than the fact that we will not be able to offer you more fun, utterly useless content and more interesting entertainment. I will still be the epic man, plus Founder of Animockery Studios, that I am along with our Co-Founder ADRockington.

Now, down to the neat stuff. Today I decided to give you a mini sample of a project that I want to turn into a regular show case. Basically I want to dig out my old games and more, record them while I play and add amusing commentary. They will not be tutorials or “how-to” guides, it is all in good fun. I will also keep them short unless it turns into a mini pod cast type deal. The idea for now, is to only do about 5 to 10 minutes. Anyway I only had time to record a few minute of Starting up a game of Final Fantasy. This was also a good test of our ability to now post video for media. Enjoy, and please tell us your thoughts.

Thank you for reading,

Tom Dorsey a.k.a. Animockery