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Geek Notes Tweaked AudioI have always been on the look out for quality audio products. One that has always evaded my is ear buds. This started to be more a more diligent mission when I got my first iPod. I tend to have a few bad habits that are hard on ear buds. A big one is my need to sleep with music. Since I am married and we have kids I do not force that upon them. To prevent that I have used head phones for years. The problem is that it tends to break them easily. I have burned through many sets over the years and all do to over priced products that just do not hold up. Now that I have said my little part about ear bud history let’s get down to the brass tacks.

The price

IMG_1952For this geek dad price is a major factor. This goes double for a product that can easily be broken or lost. Of course, that is also a major topic in the ‘Geek Notes’ posts. Apple products have held out on durability the best as far as ear buds under $50.00. They sell for $29.00 retail and that is for a mic’d set that comes with a  travel bag. I have broken three sets now and the last one I did not even wear to bed. Tweaked Audio‘s Natural v3 costs about $39.95 for a push button mic’d set and that includes a travel bag and three sets of gel adapters. This is a bit higher than what I would usually pay but lucky for me I got a deal on them.

The quality

IMG_1953I am a sucker for presentation and packaging and I think they came through in aces here. The packaging is professional and solid and even though it is not needed they have a little seal sticker which assure no tampering. The actual ear buds look amazing, I shelled out for the Naturals which feature a real wood casing so they certainly look stylish. My two favorite items would have to be the flat tangle free cord and the gels. The tangle free cord is perfect for me since I hate untangling my cord every time I pull out my ear buds. I think it is important at this point to say that tangle free really means super easy to manage. Tangles happen since it is a cord, but this one takes no effort and seconds to straighten. The gels that come with it come in three different sizes to accommodate various sized ear IMG_1954holes. These have noise reduction while audio is playing and it works well. I played a little AC/DC and could not hear my kids at all. The best part is that they fit well, don’t fall out (even passed the head jolting test) and they are really comfy in the lobes.

The Service

Not much to say here, So far they are fantastic. I ordered them Sunday night and they arrived Wednesday while I was at work. Monday I was greeted with a notification email and they also responded to my Tweets. The other big reason I decided to get buds from Tweaked Audio was that I have heard all sorts of amazing stories on how well they treat their customers. In my book that gets you a big gold star.

I defiantly give this my stamp of approval. The quality versus price is a major deal and they certainly make a quality product. Match that with good customer service and it is a total win.

Thank you for reading,

Tom Dorsey


Update: I have now used these ear buds daily for about 6 months. Since then I had one broken pair. This has nothing to do with them and everything to do with the fact that my kids decided to use them and dog toys. Tweaked Audio was quick to send me a new pair and it was so fast I hardly missed a day.

Other than that I have enjoyed the crazy amount of clarity, I use them to edit my audio since they pick up the slightest details and I use them for my day-to-day audio needs. These are durable, rich sounding ear buds and I plan on getting some for my wife when we start hitting the gym again.