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8 bit BannerTo be honest dear readers, I had not even learned about Infinite Comics until about two months ago. This will not sound so surprising after you know that I have only owned my first tablet since January. I have always loved comics but with my connections to collectors and my ability to return items in mint condition I have not really had to buy many. As a kid the only comics I owned were Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes. This was usually where my interests lied back them. As I got older graphic novels, manga and “traditional” comics started to interest me much more. Now days I cannot get enough but my funds are very limited and as a father I have higher priorities. Combine this with the fact that I knew I would have a tablet the moment that Apple announced the iPad and I started having Star Trek themed dreams for years. The result was that when I finally got a tablet I jumped on the digital comic band wagon as quickly as possible.

It was not long after that when I caught wind about Marvel’s ‘Infinite Comics’. I had already started downloading as many free digital comics as I could read. I have become very fond of “free-comic-day” on Comixology. This is not how I discovered ‘Infinite Comics’ though. As a listener of various podcasts I caught wind of them while listening to ‘Comic Dorks’, a FrogPants podcast production, with hosts; Scott Johnson, Stephen Schleicher, Scott Kurtz, & Marc Spagnuolo. The term had me courious so I read up on it a little and thought it sounded interesting. I decided if I came across one I would check it out.

4f5c37ff0e7c6Last week I go that chance when I got issues 1 & 2 of the new “Guardians of the Galaxy” from the Comixology android app.  I will not get into the comic itself since I will be writing a full review tomorrow but I will tell you about my first experience reading in this format.

I actually did not know it was an ‘Infinite Comic’ until I started to read it. This was sort of fun since I had already experienced the digital version of a standard comic. I enjoy the standard version since I can read it as I please and I can also utilize the panel-to-panel navigation when I feel lazy. When I came into this new style it threw me off for a couple of panels. It did not take long to adjust and after that I found it to be rather pleasant.

marvel-offers-guardians-of-the-galaxy-infinit-L-kOWJXkLet’s take a moment to step back and look at the start of this new format. ‘Infinite Comics’ was introduced by Marvel a year ago at South by Southwest. The idea was to take advantage of the digital comic medium and move it in a new direction to enhance the reading experience. In short Marvel wanted to raise the bar, try something new and giver readers a product that is engaging. I feel that this was successful since it has been a year and they are still coming out with new stuff. Now, I may have just jumped in at a good point, and there may be some bad variations of this out there but so far I like it. I will continue to love the traditional comic format but I can see so much potential from a creative standpoint. Besides as an inspiring artist and overall lover of art I am a sucker for presentation, so long as comic creators continue to present this line in an appealing way I will continue to read it.

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