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ChewbaccaAs my wife is well aware, I am a huge sucker for geek related collectable toys. I would say that the two 18 gallon storage bins full of Star Wars toys are proof of that. I also have a separate bin for random items I have gathered over the years. Since I have been married I have been very selective of what I buy and since we have had kids everything is subject to budget limitations. With the exception of toys for the kids, which I am always excited about when it comes to action figure, I really do not buy many toys for myself anymore.

As time goes on and our lives become less stressful financially I start to look more at these fun little treats. Although Animockery Studios full-time is still a distant goal I think about my nerded out work den and the neat stuff I would like to place in said den. For the most part this is already covered but sometimes I come across an item that is an instant add-on to my wish list of geek goodies.

Sideshow Collectables creates products on a master level and each item seems to have a quality that is bound to please even the pickiest of collectors. Of course this sort of excellence comes at a price and unless you have a deep pocket book you are not going to get everything that they put out. For a guy like me, who is obviously has great love for anything fantasy; sci-fi or otherwise imaginative I would choose a single item with great care.

As a Star Wars fan I have had many favorites but only a few are near and dear to my heart at all times. Values like friendship, loyalty and courage are things that I view as great value and who best displays those traits more than the mighty Chewbacca? I was impressed by the Unleashed Star Wars figure so you can only imagine how impressed I was by Sideshow Collectables Chewbacca exclusive edition (pictured above)! This figure is not only large but has detail that brings it to life. I do not have a safe place for this at the moment but it has defiantly been added to the Geek Den wish list.

Thank you for reading,

Thomas Dorsey