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Super Mario

Something strange is happening at our house. Okay, maybe I encouraged this. My three-year old insists we watch Super Brother Mario. Translated into adult language, The Super Mario Brothers Super Show. Normally I don’t give into insistence. However, I will make exceptions for Mario and Luigi. For those who don’t remember, the show was part live action and part cartoon. It ran for one lonely year. That one year featured an impressive list of 1980’s B-List celebrities that made guest appearances. Here are some of my favorites:

– Nicole Eggert (Charles in Charge…..of our days and our nights)

– Danice McKellar (Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years)

– Sargent Slaughter (WWF wrestler and part-time G.I. Joe)

– Shabba Doo (Dancer and excellent dresser)


Looking good Shabba Doo







– Magic Johnson (NBA legend)

– Patrick Dempsey (Some dude from a doctor show set in Seattle)

– Rob Stone (Teen heart-throb from Mr. Belvedere)

– Norman Fell (The lovable Mr. Roper from Threes Company)

– Vanna White (Wheel of Fortune letter turner)

– Rowdy Roddy Piper (WWF wrestler and kilt enthusiast)

– Cyndi Lauper (Musical talent)

– Elvira (Mistress of the Dark and beer commercials)

– Eve Plumb (Jan freakin Brady)

Super Mario Brothers Super Show is currently on Netflix. Watch it. You’ll laugh (at how terrible it is). You’ll cry (because you’re watching a pretty bad show). Mostly, you’ll get to see some incredible 80s talent at the top of their game.