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I realized today that I had not done a proper Geek Notes in over a week. This is bad news and I want to attempt to get this back as a regular Thursday morning post. Today the topic will finally be the tablet I have had for a little more than a month now. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 was a nice surprise birthday gift. I know that initially I wanted the 10.1 but considering I got a tablet for a gift at all was very welcome. This review will be done “Geek Notes style” therefore it will be short and sweet, if you would like an in-depth review I would be more than happy to dig into that upon request.

Let’s get started! First of all you will be able to see the key specs listed below, I do not care much for focusing on specs since many people do not understand what they all mean. Rather than quote tech jargon I will give you a quick performance summary.

I want to begin by saying that this tablet is nice but it is not the best out there. I would not buy this if you want a gaming tablet because even though it can hold its own it is not going to give you as full of an experience as a more powerful tablet can give you. Now that I have that out-of-the-way, which is really the only negative I care to list. Overall I love this tablet! I thought that a smaller tablet would drive me crazy but it is often the opposite. I read comics easily everyday and they especially look nice in Comixology. I also love how nice Netflix, Hulu and YouTube run on it. Unless I am on a slow network I never see any lag.

As far as basic features this is a very Google heavy tablet. Some may not like this but it works out for me since I can sync all of my Gmail accounts, my work email, the Animockery Twitter and Google+ accounts. This makes tracking and interacting with all of my social media stuffs with the flick of a finger. The only down side so far is the handful of Apple only apps I would like to have. One big one is Vine, it is a new item from Twitter but the full app is not available to Android devices yet.


Warranty Terms Parts & Labor – 1 year limited

System Memory (RAM) – 1GB

Storage Capacity – 8GB

Rear/Front Webcam – 3.0MP

Battery Life – Up to 12 hours

Drive Capacity – 8GB

I think that this is a great value. I would buy it again and I plan on getting the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.  If you are going to get one of these as a first tablet I have some add-on items I would highly recommend;

  • Samsung brand case (the off brands are OK, I got one and wish I would have not)
  • Good screen protectors
  • A basis stylus
  • A good set of ear buds (the built-in speakers are nice but sometimes you don’t want to share you tunes, I prefer Tweaked Audio)


  • $199.00
  • Handles any video streaming I have thrown at it
  • Just big enough to read books and comics
  • The compact size makes it more portable
  • Forward and rear camera
  • Wireless and Bluetooth


  • A little too slow for heavy gaming
  • Camera is only 3 mega pixels

Thank you for reading,